Tiny Chapter is the alias of Bristol-based composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alun Elliott-Williams. Having developed a reputation for himself as the virtuoso guitarist and pedalboard brain-box of heavy electronic outfit Waldo’s Gift, Tiny Chapter made waves with his debut vocal performance in The Gift: a collaboration with south-west heavyweights Ishmael Ensemble on their 2021 album Vision of Light. This collaboration garnered widespread acclaim including support from BBC 6 Music figures Tom Ravenscroft and Lauren Laverne.

The name Tiny Chapter has its origins in a childhood nickname he earned from his late father, befitting the debut EP For How Long Have We Been Asleep? as both a lyrical exploration of grief and a synthesis of his deep-rooted love affairs with ambient, electronic and western art music. Although the creative and conceptual foundation of the EP stems from the imagination of Tiny Chapter himself, the final product resulted from the artistic input of two more individuals: producer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Pemberton (The Staves, Maja Lena, Rachael Dadd) and string arranger Harry Fausing Smith (Tom Misch, Lissie, Chloe Foy). These two artists worked closely with Tiny Chapter to actualise his vision of a sound world crafted within the framework of song-form yet richly imbued with the language of his mentors: from the soundscapes of Stars Of The Lid to the harmonic enchantments of Claude Debussy.

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