t l k


Lovers of left-field, jazz and electronica, we welcome you to London’s Studio 9294 for Sun Steppers, a special afternoon-to-evening live music experience featuring a fistful of our favourite artists.

This day and night is split in two, with the first-half headlined by the hypnotic French electronic-ambient master Romeo Poirer and the second half headlined by Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin, bringing you an ecstatic collision of beats, breaks and cosmic keys.

The show from start to finish:

At 4pm, enter the doors of Studio 9294 and find a space to relax amongst the foliage.

From here, your journey through experimental electronica begins, with t l k acting as your first host on this voyage. 

Born out of Bristol’s booming electronic and improv Jazz scene, t l k’s music fluidly moves between genres. Her ethereal vocals, wrapped up in poignant lyricism, float atop layers of intricate rhythms and cascading piano to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the space between wakefulness and sleep – deeply satisfying, yet impossible to grasp. 

Following t l k’s lucid dreaming is cellist and producer Francesca Ter-Berg. One half of critically acclaimed duo Fran & Flora, Francesca’s solo work continues her exploration of improvisation and Eastern European traditional music. With Fran, you’ll venture into the dark and pensive corners of improvisational cello.

Now steeped in melancholy, Brussels-based electro-acoustic music producer Romeo Poirier takes the reins. Don’t worry if you begin to levitate during this performance, Romeo is a professional lifeguard (seriously) and will rescue you if you float away.

On your safe (but temporary) return to Earth following Romeo’s set, enjoy a dinner break at the adjacent Studio 90 where you can get __ off your meal. 

At 7pm, feeling refueled and rejuvenated, head back into Studio 9294 for the upbeat half of the night and be greeted by five-piece art-rock/jazz crossover group Yaatri. Influenced by the rhythms of India, harmonies of spiritual jazz, and energy of rock and roll, Yaatri’s blend of complex composition and ethereal soundscapes captivate both the heart and the mind.

Next, Cykada set fire to the stage to propel you wildly into their high octane and infectious sound; more licks and riffs than Maahes the Egyptian Lion god of war yet somehow still danceable and somehow still jazz. Now’s the time to get your body planar shifting. 

Finally, welcome Joe Armon-Jones and Maxwell Owin, a duo who sit in the epicentre of London’s jazz scene. Joe has played keys with the who’s who of London jazz – Nubya, Ezra, SEED – he’s even played with Tony Allen and Bra Hugh! He’s his own big name brand too with multiple releases under his belt crossing the dance-jazz divide. Co-pilot Maxwell is perhaps less well-known, but no less impressive:

Date: 22/10/22

Venue: Studio 9294 (92 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN)

Door times: 4PM – 10PM

Tickets: £11, £15, £17

Earth Cruises donates 10% of profit from all shows to carefully selected causes. A portion of the profit from this show will go towards Hackney Migrant Centre, an organsisation that provides support for refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants in need through the provision of free advice on immigration, welfare, and health.