Kinkajous, known for their powerful and cinematic sound, comes to the stunning EartH Theatre for a very special live performance with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Joined by guests Nik Colk Void, Sunda Arc, and Li Yilei, this is set to be a captivating night of emotive, exploratory electronica in one of London’s most dramatic spaces. Those seeking a voyage into the varied, nuanced shades of electronica should look no further. 

Led by drummer/producer B​enoît Parmentier and saxophonist/clarinetist ​Adrien Cau, Kinkajous will perform a new rendition of music taken from their latest critically acclaimed release, Being Waves, as well as unreleased material, accompanied by a quartet from the London Contemporary Orchestra. Having received widespread support from key tastemakers including Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Sian Eleri, and The Vinyl Factory, Being Waves is the five-piece band’s most intriguing work to date. The introspective nature of their pieces, alongside its blend of acoustic and orchestral instrumentation, analogue synthesis and sampling processes, creates an atmosphere that feels bold and majestic. 

Adding to the evening’s spirit of grandiose, brooding electronica are guests Nik Colk Void, Sunda Arc, and Li Yilei

With a vast reputation in experimental shapeshifting and collaboration, Nik Colk Void’s interests lie in unconventional encounters with her tools, both analogue and digital, as a means of expression. Using her key instruments of voice, guitar, and modular euro-rack systems, Void’s compositions lean towards gritty, turbulent techno club and experimental noise. 

Sunda Arc, made up of brothers Nick Smart and Jordan Smart (Mammal Hands), channels their love of electronic and dance music without losing any of their deep musicality. Drawing on techno, electronica, neo-classic and post-rock influences, Sunda Arc integrates electronic elements and experimentation with the expressiveness and energy of acoustic instruments and live performance. As a result, their music feels like an expansive, compelling odyssey. 

With a background in fine art and sound art, Li Yilei’s body of work seeks to investigate alternative modes of listening, reflecting upon the tacitness and transience of existential occurrences. Li’s work often incorporates sound, body, found materials, poetry, events, daily objects and broken/damaged instruments to investigate the serendipitous encounters between beings and their environment, the muted state, the unheard, the disabled and untrained voices.

Date: 15/10/23
Venue: Earth Theatre, 11-17 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BH
Door times: 6.30pm – 11pm

Tickets: £25.01

Earth Cruises donates 10% of profit from all shows to carefully selected causes. This year, Earth Cruises’ charity of choice is Hackney Migrant Centre who provide support for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in need through the provision of free advice on immigration, welfare and health.