“A gathering for progressive creating, moving, and loving…”

Melbourne born 30/70 return to London to mark the release of their next single ‘Without U, Within Me’ this September at Corsica Studios. The genre bending collective are excited to announce their collaboration with London-Berlin based Energy Exchange Records, a brand new label from the team behind Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.

Initially rooted in Jazz, 30/70’s sound is a true patchwork of genres and ideas, effortlessly crafting sonic constellations between Jazz, Bruk, House, and Afro-Carribean rhythmic mastery. This tapestry of sounds fuels the vision for this late-night club-meets-live show event, marrying the raw and organic live music with the sonorous percussion of the UK club scene.

Their last release on Rhythm Section International, ‘Tastes Like Freedom’ confidently transported 30/70’s sound across dance floors and living rooms the world over. Now with the band finally back on the ground, the sound will immerse and transport us live!

With the likes of Gilles Peterson, Carista, Jamz Supernova, Jamie Cullum, Tom Ravenscroft, Alexander Nut, and Mary Anne-Hobbs counted as supporters for this super-group collective of Allysha Joy, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Josh Kelly, Finn Rees, and Matthew Hayes, this is not a gig to pass up on! 

Date: 08/09/22

Door times: 22:00 – 04:00

Tickets: £9.50, £16, £18

Earth Cruises donates 10% of profit from all shows to carefully selected causes. A portion of the profit from this show will go towards Hackney Migrant Centre, an organsisation that provides support for refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants in need through the provision of free advice on immigration, welfare, and health.